Round 2 : Donington Park

Pit stop practice prior to race

The 21st April 2012 and my first time at a BritCar Endurance Championship Race & what a treat I was in for, 3 hours of racing!…. I was going along to meet Richard Adams & the Bullrun team who compete in this years’ championship in a Lotus Evora. It quickly became very clear that this is a winning team, from the pit crew through to the drivers of Richard Adams, David Green & Martin Byford.

So a lot to learn, take in and understand but I was all ears…..Whilst the team were focused on the job at hand they made me really welcome to the point I felt part of the team!

Qualifying started at 10.50 in the morning and lasted for 45 minutes – Pole position in class 3, a quarter of a second faster than the 2nd placed car-GTS run BMW GTR.
Now time to have a sit in the car and dream about one day driving at the speeds of the Bullrun team. The drivers spent time reviewing the stats of the quali and the car was once again prepared for the race……fuel measured to the last drop!
Now to the race…The eyes were skyward, rain could be on the cards. What tyres do we go with? A small spitting of rain didn’t do much, so it was a dry race after all.
It all went so fast! – Team Bullrun WON, Martin finishing the race, taking over from David Green.
There were some nervous moments during the race and I heard them all…my own headphones to wear and a screen in the garage to keep check of the others cars.

Podium celebrations began, champagne was sprayed and pats on the back all round. AND Richard gave me his 1st placed Dunlop cap!!!!!! – wearing that felt AMAZING!! Its now pride of place in my bedroom.

There was actually an important guy there from Lotus watching with interest, he was really pleased. And Claudio Berro mentioned the result after the Bahrain GP!

Thanks everyone; Winnie, the pit crew, and of course the drivers for my first experience of real racing! Awesome!!


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