Round 5 : Oulton Park

23rd June 2012

Back on the road with a trip to Cheshire! Near Manchester I’m told…. I’m racing the next day in the In-Kart Championship so we go in the camper van and stay overnight!

Qualifying brings a red flag within 5 minutes…but back to business as soon as we can – third row on the grid. David is away in California with work so driving is left to Martin and Richard. A couple of safety cars during the race keep us all on our toes – very lucky to hear team orders through my headphones.
Martin starts the race…..and finishes it-he never got out he car!
After checking the regulations it was clear we were ok and a overall Championship win.
Martin looked whacked! – great team strategy headed by Mike & Richard.
That left the evening to my Dad and I to celebrate in the pub, a bit of footy and a noisy camper van Dad!!!

Early start to Manchester – view my Daytona page for the race.


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