Round 2 – In Kart Championship: Feb 2012

I must get closer to the apex next time!

My first ever competitive race meeting! Having recently completed the Daytona Kart School a was a little nervous but really excited….. I competed in 3 heats, starting positions randomly selected and hoping to get through to the Grand Final. In the 1st Heat I did make an error on the bridge and lost the back end of my kart! Fortunately though I got my foot back down to the floor after assistance from one of the marshals to make an overtake and finish the race in my starting position of 5th.
The next two races were again eventful with a red flag and a number of waved yellows – real racing. I was pushing hard….learning with each lap. My efforts actually giving me a 3rd and a 6th and a place in the Round Grand Final.
Again I started 5th on the grid with 4 karts behind me… I held on to this all the way round posting a lap time of 27.385 a second faster than the times I had been making in race school!
So all in all a great morning and introduction to Karting competitively – I was hooked and wanted more……


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